“I’m Home”: Watanuki Shinji’s name

This post is something I wanted to write since translating episode 1. As a person that’s more comfortable with spoken than written Japanese, I don’t have much problem with hearing and transcribing names.

There was one person that I had problem with: Watanuki.

Watanuki Shinji is one of the Ieji’s coworkers from the 13th department. His name left me dumbfounded when I saw his name for the first time in Japanese subtitles; mostly due to the fact that I had no problem with hearing Watanuki, in contrary to reading Watanuki.

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“I’m Home” EP06 Translator’s Notes

Hi everyone! Coming back with brand new T/Ns for the brand new subtitles of the brand new episode of I’m Home c:

Plot-wise, this episode was eventful. It makes me wonder what’s coming for us next. Actually this post will be divided into two because there is one issue that I dedicated a separate post for. Stay tuned for more information!

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What you may want to know about the first episodes of “I’m Home”

Hi guys! I hope you enjoy our subs and the drama!

When it comes to things which we think should be explained, we usually put the necessary information in the upper side of the video. However, sometimes we need to keep it super short; otherwise it would take more than a half of a frame, being more annoying than helpful.

We decided to give you more explanation on some interesting stuff from the previous five episodes. Click “more” to get to know, well, more. : )

By the way, I wanted to thank wonderful subbers from D-Addicts who I work with on “I’m Home”, that is Watanuki, ZeroJanvier and his wife! Thanks for letting me do this also on your behalves.

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