“I’m Home”: Food, food, and… food!

Hi everyone! Hope you liked the latest episode. I can’t wait to see how the drama ends this week!

When I watch the episode for the first time, there’s 90% chance I eat something. The very reason why I get hungry every Thursday is food appearing in the drama. Ieji’s amnesia seems not to affect his knowledge on cooking, as we can see all these tasty dishes prepared by KimuTaku in role.

When I wrote about Takuya Papa preparing food on the set, I couldn’t help but gather some of the recipes for the food seen in the drama.

Episode 1: dashimaki tamago, nikujaga

Episode 4: deep fried lotus

Episode 5: dorayaki, sukiyaki

Episode 8: creamy crab croquette

and the omurice that RaiRai asked Aya Mama for.

Unfortunately, some of these recipes require ingredients particular for Japanese cuisine. Hope that won’t stop you! I’m definitely going for omurice and nikujaga.

I think I’m hungry… again.

Stay tuned for the final episode of “I’m Home”!

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