Age Harrasment: types of discrimination

Hello everyone! I hope you liked the first episode enough to tune in for the upcoming ones.

The drama depicts discrimination based on the age of an employee. While it is a main ahara1theme for the story, you can easily observe other types of harassment. I’d say they are connected and often one thing results from another. What’s more, the characters themselves talk about the harassment (and are not always right about its definiton).

I compiled a list of types of harassment so far mentioned in the drama. Most of them are product of Japanese language where you only have to add “hara” to a noun to create a new type of harassment. In the brackets, I included the shortened versions heard in the drama.

  • age harassment (エイハラ; A-hara), sexual harassment (セクハラ; seku-hara) – discrimination based on age or sex
  • power harassment (パワハラ; pawa-hara): a form of illegal discrimination and is a form of political and psychological abuse, and bullying. This term was created in Japan, but it can be applied to any similar act of discrimination worldwide. (Wikipedia)
  • moral harassment (モラハラ; mora-hara): ““If a person or a group of individuals treats you in a manner that is hostile, whether through actions, words or in writing, and if those actions affect your dignity, your physical or psychological well-being, as well as causing a deterioration in your workplace or even jeopardizing your employment, you are the victim of psychological harassment.source
  • maternal/paternal harassment (マテハラ; mata-hara) – another type created in Japan. This basically refers to uneven treatment of employees who decided to get a maternity/paternity leave to take care of their children. The best example would be Asano’s introduction of Sada.
  • baba harassment (ババハラ; baba-hara) – it is nothing else than a conflict between female employees. I think it doesn’t need further explanation, as the first episode is filled with this type of mistreatment.ahara2
  • Also, my “favorite” one so far: karaoke harassment (カラハラ; kara-hara) – happens when you are forced to sing during the karaoke meeting. Only when I started translating the next episode, did I realize it’s actually a real thing.

Age harassment is, as the title suggests, the most common in the drama. Yoshii Emiri had it enough and she decides to fight the discrimination! We’re rooting for her, and hopefully we’ll see some improvement by the end of the series. 🙂

Get the subtitles on D-Addicts.

7 thoughts on “Age Harrasment: types of discrimination

    1. Thanks! I watched Nakanai to kimeta hi few years ago and I loved it! That reminds me I’ve been meaning to rewatch it in the near future…
      As it was with “I’m Home”, I’ll post such translator’s notes if I feel like explaining some things. I hope you’re okay with that! You can always ignore the posts, though I’m super careful not to reveal too much.
      We’re behind the schedule with the subtitles because of RL issues… but it’ll be worth the wait. It’s getting better and better. 🙂


  1. Informative post! It’s sad that quite a few of these are prevalent in workplaces around the world.

    Not watching this drama since I don’t like Takei Emi, but I hope she’s improving somewhat?


    1. Thanks!
      Well, I like to think she is improving. I’m not a fan of hers either but she’s doing well so far. I got interested in this because it’s a social drama. So far I want to punch every single character… Which is good, it means they’re doing their job. 🙂 We’re behind the schedule with the subtitles, but the drama is getting better with every episode. It reminds me of First Class and Nakanai to kimeta hi.


  2. Really appreciate the subtitles. Woah never knew there were several kinds of harassment. Been watching the show even without subs (though I do not understand. Lol) now it is starting to make sense that each episode targets a special kind of harassment. Cannot wait until I watch ep 3 in subs. And though I do not understand ep 6, I really hope Hoshina-san stops his affair, so he could be with Yoshii-chan! 🙂


    1. Shhh! Huge spoiler alert to those who watch the drama only with subtitles! 🙂 Hoshina’s awful behavior makes me hope he won’t end up with anyone. This guy’s no better than the rest from G.A. (Personal opinion though!)
      Names are typical for the Japanese language. It’s still harassment, no matter the reasons. 😉
      Ep3 should be out around Tuesday.


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