Age Harassment: Hokkaido-ben

Hello! Hope you liked the second episode so far.  : )

Asano Kazuyuki as Yoshii Takao

We know that Emiri comes from Hokkaido,  the second largest Japanese island in the north of Japan. People from Hokkaido, just like those from Kansai and Kanto, speak using dialects which differ from the Tokyo dialect (Tokyo-ben, also thought of as Standard Japanese).

I probably wouldn’t give the Hokkaido-ben second thought if it  wasn’t for Emiri’s father who uses the dialect when talking to his daughter.

As Wikipedia states, there are varying opinions on whether there is any Hokkaido dialect, as its types can be categorized as Kanto or Tohoku dialects.

Some expressions:

  • The volitional and presumptive suffix -be; from Tohoku dialect
  • waya for “fruitless, no good” instead of Standard dame; from Western Japanese
  • shitakke for casual “good-bye” or “then” instead of Standard (sore) ja
  • namara for “very” instead of Standard totemo; since the 1970s from Niigata dialect

The bolded dot is something that I came across when translating the father’s lines. He uses “-be” frequently, which initially made me do some research on Hokkaido-ben.

You can learn some expressions here if you feel like giving it a try.

Next time Yoshii-papa appears in the drama, try to catch the “-be” yourselves!

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