Age Harassment EP6

Hi everyone!

I’m super excited to announce that episode 6 is up on D-Addicts!

With that being said, please welcome the newest member of the AH subbing team, venomqo! Further releases would have been more delayed if it wasn’t for you. Thanks for your help!

I also wanted to thank you all for the supportive comments and messages I received from you guys after one of my posts. I expected people would tell me to drop the project altogether, but you were super patient with me and you deserve all the cookies and awards. Thanks for waiting SOOO long! I hope it was worth it!

I decided not to speculate when the next episode will be done so that it won’t turn into a release date or something… but the wait for EP7 will be much, much shorter than the one for EP6 😀

Okay, guys, here it is: CLICK

Have fun and see you with the next release~!

5 thoughts on “Age Harassment EP6

  1. Thanks for sub ep 6 age harrasment, please help upload next sub age harrasment ep 7 until end soon. I still wait this sub. Thx before


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