Age Harassment – final episode

Hello everyone!

This is the post I was dying to write for some time now…

The last episode of Age Harassment is now available on D-Addicts, concluding the project!

Standing ovation goes to the rest of the team: Watanuki, ZeroJanvier, and venomqo who joined the team to help us with episodes 6-9. You guys are the bestest. 😀

I wrote a hefty speech about why it took us so long to finish this one, but then I realized now’s not the time for it. So I’ll say this one thing: I am truly sorry for making you wait this long.

Once again – thank you very much for your support and thanks for watching. Age Harassment has life lessons to it and I hope we all noticed them and took them to our hearts. Next time you see someone discriminating against another person, fight them tooth and nail!

See you soon,

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