“I’m Home”: Certain someone to appear in the final episode

Just now a certain cool person started filming.

Staff sent such a tweet almost a week ago. Upon realizing that there are only 2 episodes left, fans couldn’t help but ask: “Started? But the filming should be ending by now.” Others were more interested in the certain someone.

More information under the cut for those of you who want to avoid spoilers at all costs.

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“I’m Home” – Takuya Papa

Yesterday the staff of “I’m Home” tweeted this and I just couldn’t help it but share with you:

Shooting location: amusement park.

After shooting a tiresome scene, Yoshio (Takahashi Rai) begged Hisashi-papa (Kimura Takuya) ” I want to ride this!”

Seeing great joy on Yoshio’s face while on board, Hisashi-san borrowed a camera from Steel Man and took a picture of Yoshio’s smiling face.

Difficult shooting proceeded but everyone from the staff cheered up!

I really hope they find a way to show this picture in the drama.

Actually, Takahashi Rai calls Kimura “Takuya papa” and Ueto Aya (Megumi) “Aya mama”, which I find extremely cute. Watch the real thing here, around 5:22. Later in the video, he asks Ueto to make him omurice one day! The actress explains that KimuTaku prepares most of the food seen in the drama himself. To be honest, I’d be surprised if he didn’t. 🙂 (Bonus: 3:40. Just watch it.)

Rai also says he loves sitting on Takuya-papa’s lap. That is clearly visible when you watch the stage greeting taking place before the first episode. You can watch it here from 1:19 to 1:40 (unfortunately I didn’t find any video of better quality).  Despite having his own chair to sit on, Rai still preferred to sit on Takuya papa’s lap. “My right leg is going numb,” says Kimura later on. Not that he has something against it  c:

One thing I’m certain of: from now on I call KimuTaku Takuya papa.

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“I’m Home”: Watanuki Shinji’s name

This post is something I wanted to write since translating episode 1. As a person that’s more comfortable with spoken than written Japanese, I don’t have much problem with hearing and transcribing names.

There was one person that I had problem with: Watanuki.

Watanuki Shinji is one of the Ieji’s coworkers from the 13th department. His name left me dumbfounded when I saw his name for the first time in Japanese subtitles; mostly due to the fact that I had no problem with hearing Watanuki, in contrary to reading Watanuki.

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